- GRAV "Oheligheternas Pulserande Ondska" - EP:

GRAV - Oheligheternas Pulserande Ondska photo gravep_zps6b0320a4.jpg

- BEKËTH NEXËHMÜ "De Urtida Krafterna" - EP

Bekëth Nexëhmü - De Urtida Krafterna photo bekethep_zps9883273d.jpg

- DÖDFÖDD "Demo10" - Double LP

Dödfödd - Demo10 photo doumldfoumlddlp_zpsba714cf0.jpg

All records play on 45 rpm.

New sublabel: StaalPakt

We have decided to launch a new sublabel releasing Industrial Black Metal exclusively:

A Division of Darker Than Black Records: StaalPakt.

Any bands/projects into this particular fusion of inhuman Electronics and insane Black Metal are encouraged to get in touch.

Disclaimer: Bands, please read before you get in touch!

Do not send any emails asking for a record deal to us anymore! D.T.B. Records does not sign any new bands for the time being, unless we are asking any band ourselves. Stop to spam our mailbox with requests for a record deal, because we will not pay attention to it anyway. There are many labels around who might be inclined to sign a new band, so go asking them. Thank you.

Latest Releases

BEKËTH NEXËHMÜ - De Urtida Krafterna - 7" EP

7" EP.
GRAV - Oheligheternas Pulserande Ondska - 7" EP

7" EP.